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This Site aims to inspire the Future Astronauts,Scientists of the Country.

Following are the two of the Objectives which form part of Memorandum of Association (or) Document No.1 by which Planetary Society was registered under Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act 2001.

7. To promote the concept of education based astronomy tourism, heritage, art and culture.

11.To conduct or coordinate various competitions, contest at state, national and international level while providing required training and study material etc.

These are the Two Objectives which empowered the society and General Secretary Resolution before the Advisory Committee, Governing Council and Executive Committe of the Society.

The Committe also approved the appointment Mr.P.V.Ramana as Chief Resource person and Chairman of Selection committee for implementing "Student Space Architects Project"

Following are the gist of press Release and Coverage which have been published in the esteemed newspapers inviting attention of Student Community and General Public to participate and recreate history as we have done in the past (visit: one student in 2003 was selected and visited JPL, NASA.




This site would be updated further with more detailed information mentioning sequence of events leading to visit of 12 member team to visit in may/june to Kenndy Space Center, NASA.

Are you aspiring to be an Astronaut or Scientist? Do you like to visit NASA ? Do you like to be next Rakesh Sharma or Kapalna Chawla?
Then Click the Link below to know how? or To Join and work with us.

To Know About the Society. Its Vision, Aims,Objectives and other Achievements Click here